This is a method that allows you to add a cognitive service setting of your company by making a request with the token received. “Name” (Cognitive Service Name), “IsActive” (Cognitive Service Activity Status), “IsDeleted” (Cognitive Service Deletion), “ApiEndpoint” (Cognitive Service Connection), “ApiKey” (API / Subscription Key), ” You must make a request in json format with parameters ApiSecret ”(API Secret Key),” Region ”,“ CognitiveServicePartnerId ”(Cognitive Service Partner Identification Number),“ CognitiveServiceType ”. Using the ‘GetAllCognitiveServicePartners’ function for the ‘CognitiveServicePartnerId’ field, the information of the desired cognitive service partner can be observed. For the ‘CognitiveServiceType’ field, Sentiment Analysis: 1, Translation: 2

Authorization header should be entered as “token_type” value, space character, “Access_token” value returned as a result of the Token request.

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